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28th December 2009

Enrique (Orlock Prince of Darkness) wins Best Puppy in Breed and Puppy Group 2 at Luton Canine Association.

19th December 2009

Raul (Orlock Morbius) won Best Puppy in Breed and Best Puppy in Show 3 at Birmingham Toydog Today. Also congratulations to Ludwig (Meli's brother) and owner Toni on winning Best of Breed and BIS2!

17th December 2009

Thanks to Friederike for new photos of Letti (Ultraviolet on Orlock) enjoying the seasonal weather at home in Austria with the Beauceron!


Letti and Friends

Letti - Where is my Bone?

13th December 2009

Another great win for Pizzirico V Tani Kazari at the Nordic Winners Show 2009 - Nordic Winner 2009, Best Male and CACIB.

Orlock Repelli (peli) won 1st Postgraduate Dog at LKA Championship show - congrats to Co-owner Ros.

12th December 2009

An amazing day for Rico at the Finnish Winners show in Helsinki - Best in Group 2, Finnish Winner 2009, Best of Breed, CACIB, CERT, Finnish Champion and Nordic Champion. Many congrats to breeder mieke and co-owners Veronica and Maria!

Finnish winner 2009

4th December 2009

New photos added to Marius' and Victor's pages

29th November 2009

Rico wins CACIB and CERT at the NKK show Norway to win his Norwegian Championship - congrats to co-owners Veronica &Maria and Breeder Mieke.

27th November 2009

American Champion Velvet Dandy's Dipsy (Dandi), son of Orlock Darvell and Orlock Muntenia, showing in the toy group at the Kennel Club of Philadelphia Dog Show 2009.

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23rd November 2009

The new look site is now live - we have some lovely new dogs and some old favourites still there although there is a lot of work still to do.

7th August 2009

Another great result at Paignton Championship show with Zoe (Am /Sw/Fin Ch Million Dollar Baby) winning her first UK CC. Zoe is co-owned with her Breeder Barbara Gresser, Veronica Lange and Suzanne Pirrie. We also won the RBCC with Meli (Furstin Flirtation with Caralean) who is co-owned with Ros Brakes.

24th July 2009

Great Day at Leeds Championship show with Ch Mimosa of Riogaioch (co-breeder/owner Suzanne Pirrie) won BCC and BOB from Open and little Meli (Furstin Flirtation with Caralean - Co-owned with Ros Brakes) won the RBCC from Junior. We also won Junior Dog with Orlock Repelli. Congratulations to Jerry and Brendan on winning Limit Dog with Dennis (Orlock Armand with Papplewick).

16th July 2009

Results for the BVA/KC Hipscore of Orlock Wednesday (Jelli) are LH4:RH4 Total 8 which is equivalent to OFFA excellent or A1 FCI

10th July 2009

At East of England Championship show Orlock Marius (Handler/Co-owner Suzanne) won another Limit Dog and Furstin Flirtation with Caralean (Handler/Co-owner Ros) won Junior bitch. Orlock Kennel also won Best Breeder in Breed with the boys - Orlock Marius, Orlock Armand of Papplewick (Dennis), Orlock Repelli (Peli) & Orlock Dragonetti (Deni)

3rd July 2009

At Windsor Championship show our Orlock Marius won another Limit Dog class and then went on the win the RDCC, and lovely Riogaioch VooDoo at Orlock (mira) won RBCC from Limit bitch- both co-owned with Suzanne Pirre of Riogaioch/Brandugh Kennel - and sweet little Meli (Furstin Flirtation with Caralean) - co-owned with Ros Brakes of Caralean/Roklean Kennel - won Junior Bitch.

28th June 2009

Exciting News with our first ever SCHNAUZER Champion in new SWEDISH CHAMPION Velvet Dandy's Bellamor Orlock (Bella) who acheived her championship today. Thank you and many congratulations to Bella's co-owners and breeders Veronica and Maria for allowing us to share in the fun of this lovely girl.


26th June 2009

Orlock Wednesday (Jeli) official patellae scoring results 0:0 and we are awaiting the results of her official BVA/KC hips scoring. We will let you know the result when we get it.

13th June 2009

We have had a busy few months with a lot of success in the show-ring.

Ch Mimosa of Riogaioch JW (jointly bred with owner Suzanne Pirrie) adding to her list of wins and also Riogaioch VooDoo at Orlock ( jointly owned with Suzanne Pirrie) continuing her winning ways as well.

The Junior dogs Peli (Orlock Repelli) and Meli (Furstin Flirtation with Caralean) jointly owned with Ros Brakes have had many class wins too.

WELKS (April 2009)

Riogaioch VoodDoo at Orlock - RBCC from limit
Orlock Repelli - 1st Junior Dog
Furstin Flirtation with Caralean - 1st Junior Bitch


Ch Mimosa of Riogaioch JW - RBCC from Open


Ch Mimosa of Riogaioch JW - RBCC from Open
Riogaioch VooDoo at Orlock - 1st limit bitch

SCCA (June 2009)

Furstin Flirtation with Caralean - 1st Junior Bitch
Riogaioch VooDoo at Orlock - 1st Limit Bitch

There has been some health test results too.

Orlock Morticia (Ticia) scored normal 0:0 for Patellae. Orlock Repelli scores LH7:RH7 (total 14) on offical KC/BVA hipscoring and Furstin Flirtation with Caralean scores LH10:RH13 (total 23) on official KC/BVA hipscoring.

We are also hoping for new babies from our latest import Pizzirico v Tani Kazari. See the puppies page for further details.

28th March 2009

We are very happy to announce the birth of our second son, Ruairi Hugh Oliver, born on 10th March.

Here is a little video of Ruairi on his first day.

We have had some great dog show wins as well since our last update. At Crufts we won Best Puppy in Breed with our bitch, co-owned with Ros Brakes, Furstin Flirtation at Caralean, Ch Mimosa of Riogaioch co-bred with owner/handler Suzanne Pirrie won the RBCC - congrats!

Well done also to Shauna Lawless with Orlock Cousin Itt on winning Best of Breed, Celtic Junior Winner 2009 and Celtic Winner 2009 at the Celtic Winner show in Ireland.

Last weekend we were thrilled to hear that Orlock Repelli, Peli, co-owned with Ros, won Best Puppy in SHOW at Birmingham Toydog Show.

Many thanks also to Jerry and Brendan for the hip score results of Orlock Armand of Papplewick (Dennis) - an excellent below breed average score LH7:RH7 total 14

26th February 2009

Hip scores for Denny (Orlock Dragonetti) and Dora (Orlock Pandora) are here a little earlier than expected after only 4 weeks.

Orlock Dragonetti RH6:LH6 total 12

Orlock Pandora RH7:LH5 total 12

Both are well under the breed mean score of 16.

For the second year in a row dogs owned &/or bred by us have won both Best Puppy in Show and Best Opposite Sex Puppy in Show at the Affenpinscher Club Open Show. Congratulations to co-owner Ros on the wins of Furstin Flirtation at Caralean and Orlock Repelli.

27th January 2009

We had a large amount of health testing done today, with Orlock Marius, Orlock Dragonetti, Orlock Pandora, Orlock Darvell and Pizzerico V Tani Kazari all being officially certified as normal for patellae.

A special mention to our oldest Affen, Alfred (Ch Ingerdorm Drosselmeyer von Orlock) who was also officially certified as normal for Patellae today at the amazing age of 11.5 years old!

Orlock Dragonetti and Orlock Pandora have also had had their hip x-rays done today for their official BVA/KC scoring. As usual it will take up to 6 weeks for us to get these scores back.

24th January 2009

Orlock Merciless Dame Belle (Bella) co-owned with Ros Brakes has been officially certified as normal for patellae.

17th January 2009

Orlock Dragonetti wins Best Puppy in Breed and Orlock wins best Breeder in Breed at the first KC breeder competition at Manchester Championship show.

Orlock Rosabella Posy (Billie) hipscores have been officially scored under the BVA/KC scheme as RH6:LH5 Total 11

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